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MetaRouter makes it easy to send your data to Pebble Post. Once you follow the steps below, your data will be routed through our platform and pushed to Pebble Post in the appropriate format.

What is Pebble Post and how does it work?

Pebble Post uses online data to target consumers with printed mail and solutions for remarketing, acquisition, prospecting, and brand awareness.

As customers browse your site, pebble post automatically builds a targeted mailing list based on their page visits, searches, cart abandonments, etc. They offer campaign management and segmentation tools, address graphs with multiple identifiers, real-time analytics, and dynamic post-card production that reaches users only hours after their visit to your site.

Learn more about Pebble Post.

Why send data to Pebble Post using MetaRouter?

Instead of having to manually adapt your code, MetaRouter's integration automatically collects and transforms data for Pebble Post directly from web applications, mobile applications, and server-side implementations.

This guide will explain how to integrate Pebble Post into MetaRouter's platform as a destination, allowing you to leverage Pebble Post's technology to capture online interest, convert more customers, and deliver a focused call to action that will drive measurable results.

Getting Started with Pebble Post and MetaRouter

Pebble Post Side

Once you've made a Pebble Post account, work with your account manager to identify your:

  • Site ID
  • endURL mappings

MetaRouter Side

Log back into your MetaRouter app, and add the Pebble Post destination to your preferred choice (Note: Pebble Post is only available on client-side sources).

Once you're there, input that Site ID and any applicable end URL mappings where prompted. Check out the image below to see what this page looks like:


Now, all you have to do is give your connection a unique name and activate the destination.

With that, you're all set! Get ready for insights.

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Disclaimer: MetaRouter Cloud leverages code from several of Segment's fabulous library of open-source tools, including their source SDKs, destinations, and core Analytics.js library. As some of the core configurations outlined in our docs are largely identical to Segment's, we often re-purpose, and in some cases copy, directly from Segment's docs. In the cases where we have forked Segment's tools, we acknowledge and attribute all credit to Segment for their creation and subsequent documentation.