Enterprise Destinations

MetaRouter has a robust library of destinations consisting of data warehouses, A/B testing tools, analytics tools, marketing tools, and more. These destinations receive data from the sources that you select in your MetaRouter UI.

Check out our source/destination compatibility matrix below to see which destinations can accept the data that you'd like to send:

Source/Destination Compatibility Matrix

Client Server Mobile
Adobe Analytics x x
Criteo x x
DoubleClick Floodlight x x
Facebook Pixel x x
Google AdWords x
Google Analytics
Microsoft Ads x x
S3 Event Logs

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Disclaimer: MetaRouter Cloud leverages code from several of Segment's fabulous library of open-source tools, including their source SDKs, destinations, and core Analytics.js library. As some of the core configurations outlined in our docs are largely identical to Segment's, we often re-purpose, and in some cases copy, directly from Segment's docs. In the cases where we have forked Segment's tools, we acknowledge and attribute all credit to Segment for their creation and subsequent documentation.