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Astronomer Open Edition allows you to run Astronomer on your own machine in order to support the dev experience, but it can also be used to under Apache 2 license for any purpose supported by that license.

We distribute official Dockerfiles that build and install tagged releases of the services composing the Astronomer Platform on DockerHub.


  1. SECURITY — Security is paramount.
  2. SCALABILITY — Build for today and tomorrow.
  3. HAPPINESS — Make it fun for developers to build data pipelines.
  4. COLLABORATE — Invent as little as possible, leverage the ecosystem.
  5. AUTOMATION — Pursue greater efficiency through automation.
  6. DOCS FIRST — Write docs, then tests, then beautiful code.
  7. EVOLVE — Stay current or die a slow death.
  8. EXPERIMENT — Experiments lead to breakthroughs.
  9. COMMUNITY — Cherish and respect the community.
  10. DEPLOYABILITY — Run anywhere: bare-metal, cloud, or hybrid.