Release v0.16.0

In this release - UX redesign of pipelines view, multiple fixes to correctly support S3 playbook vars, ongoing work on the a.js builder UI and DX improvements allowing browser tests to be run locally in watch mode.


builder-server: Add sync injector to build file
app: Add LaunchDarkly for feature flags
builder-server: Add Neustar sync injector with no middleware
Pipelines ux redesign
builder-server: Endpoint to get available integrations
Copy writekey
builder-server: Builder route, page, and component
builder-server: Implement A.js file builder API call via Hasura action
builder-server: Tests for integration endpoint
Data table component
builder-server: create AppsFlyer Sync Injector
create Amobee Sync Injector
builder-server: Acuity Ads Sync Injector
builder-server: create Amnet Sync Injector
Enable cypress watch mode
builder-server: Hasura actions for querying integrations and identity syncs
builder-server: Add link to /analytics-builder page and implement Hasura action on form submit
Input prefix / suffix
builder-server: Add dropdowns to analytics-builder page
component-library: Toggle with text
builder-server: First pass at adding UI components for staged integrations/syncs
builder-server: Add additional SyncInjectors and code refactor


builder-server: Modified files using prettier
builder-server: Add correct interface for clickConversions on Google Ads
builder-server: Add docs on how to generate files for Outside
app: User correct node environment when building app
Temporarily add YARN_ENABLE_IMMUTABLE_INSTALLS=false to gitlab CI
Update yarn.lock for fast-deep-equal
builder-server: Update correct types for Google Analytics
builder-server: Fix tests for default fields
Logic for available pipeline integrations
Only allow one open dropdown
Edit pipeline name
Minor pipeline updates from product feedback
Populate optional playbook vars
Multiple pipelines marked as currently deployed