A Successful MetaRouter Deployment


The following steps are required to complete a full installation and deployment of the MetaRouter platform. These can take a few days or up to a few weeks depending on your organization's resources and requirements.

Event Generation

MetaRouter recommends installation of Analytics.js, which we will focus on in this section. Alternatively, if you have already configured your own standardized event stream, you can send them to our Ingest API.

A successful Analytics.js install requires two components:

  1. Javascript Snippet & SDK install
  2. Event tracking

Javascript Snippet & Mobile SDK install

If you are generating events via front-end javascript for your website, we will deliver a snippet to you that will initialize the Analytics.js library upon page load, so subsequent events can be tracked and forwarded to the MetaRouter platform from your website. If you are generating events from a mobile app, you can follow our instructions for Android and iOS installs.

The snippet and/or mobile SDK instructions will differ slightly based on what you have configured for the below sections. These will be configured to send events to platform endpoints that will accept events into your MetaRouter data infrastructure.

Event Tracking

Once you install your javascript snippet or mobile SDK, Page events and application lifecycle events (respectively) will be automatically generated. You will also need to decide what other events- Track and Identify events, primarily, that you need to implement.

  • Track events can generally be described as behavioral events that are triggered when a user performs some important action, such as purchasing a product, filling out a form, adding a product to their cart, etc.
  • Identify events are typically triggered during user signups and logins and help you and your vendors identify your users via userId that is tied to a piece of information they provide, such as an email or phone number.

Platform Install

MetaRouter's platform must be installed in a Kubernetes-driven cloud environment, either owned by us (Our Cloud, recommended) or by you (Your Cloud). The install will include various micro-services that work together to ingest, transform, and forward events to your integrations. Our team will be responsible for the install itself; you will be responsible for ensuring we have all necessary Kubernetes permissions (if installing on Your Cloud) and for setting up a first-party Domain Naming Service (DNS) and Content Distribution Network (CDN).

Our Cloud

In most cases, Our Cloud is the best solution for our customers. We will create a new MetaRouter Kubernetes cluster(s) on our servers that is dedicated solely to your organization. This cluster will contain all the services you need to start sending events from your property to your integrations.

Once you know you would like to set up using Our Cloud, we will get to work developing your data routing infrastructure. We will need primary contacts for those who are managing the setup, install and maintenance of your MetaRouter cluster(s).

Your Cloud

Your Cloud is an option for those who prefer maximum data privacy. With this option, MetaRouter will not have control over access to your data processing infrastructure. Instead, you will maintain full ownership over your MetaRouter cluster(s), and only provide us access by updating Kubernetes RBAC roles. Because of the restrictive nature of this install and lower service level agreements we offer for it, we only recommend this for organizations that require the maximum degree of privacy and understand how to use Kubernetes effectively.

When MetaRouter is installed on Your Cloud, you will be responsible for providing the necessary permissions required for our team to install on your behalf. This process can add extra time required for an install depending on how quickly your team can work with the MetaRouter team to perform the install.

A Your Cloud MetaRouter platform can be deployed on:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure

If you require a different cloud service, please let us know here.

Setting Up Your DNS

We require you to configure your DNS for the platform, which is necessary to maintain the first-party, private nature of the platform. You can find more information about that process here.

Hosting Your Javascript Files

The snippet you installed earlier calls to an Analytics.js file located at the specified CDN. You will need to set up a first-party CDN where you can host your Analytics.js files. You do not need to worry about building this file; we will deliver it to you, so you only have to place the file where the snippet's CDN URL specifies.

Integration Configuration

During the Integration Configuration phase of a MetaRouter deployment, we will work with your team to develop your vendor integrations. Integration specifics will differ depending on the events and parameters you are tracking. Because all event parameters are available for transformation, collaboration between your team and ours is required to ensure that your events are properly sent to your vendors.

Once you have begun generating events, installed your MetaRouter data infrastructure, and configured your vendor integrations, you are ready to begin sending your customer data to your vendors- with the performance, control and compliance that the MetaRouter platform offers.