What is Braze?

Braze is an all-encompassing customer engagement platform that gives brands access to message orchestration, journey building, analytics, and other insights.

What are the benefits of Braze?

MetaRouter brings a highly reliable, first-party customer data stream to Braze. That means up to 30% more data in Braze, which helps you build better customer journeys, pull deeper insights, and ultimately drive higher ROI from your customer data.

Braze Key Features

  • Up to 30% more customer data in Braze
  • Real-time event stream that enables real-time journeys
  • First-party, parameter-by-parameter control over data sent to Braze
  • No Braze or other third-party tags required

What do I need to integrate?

From Braze Dashboard

Create New REST API Key

  1. Go to Settings > API Keys
  2. Select Create New API Key button
  3. Give the API Key a name for easy identification in the dashboard
  4. Select the permissions associated with the new key
  5. Specify allowlisted IP addresses and subnets for the new key. If none are specified, requests from any IP address can be sent.
    • After a new API key is created, the scope of permissions and allowlisted IPs cannot be edited for security reasons. If the scope of an API key changes, a new key must be created. Delete the old key after creating a new one.

What Braze Identifiers are Required?

FieldAdditional InformationSync Connection

What is the Required Event Payload?

FieldAdditional Information

Where is Additional Braze Documentation?