Display & Video 360

What Is Display & Video 360?

DV360, or Display & Video 360, is a comprehensive programmatic advertising platform developed by Google. It offers advertisers a unified solution for planning, executing, and measuring digital display and video campaigns across multiple channels and formats. With features such as audience targeting, real-time bidding, and advanced measurement capabilities, DV360 empowers marketers to reach their target audiences effectively, optimize campaign performance, and drive meaningful results.

What are the benefits of integrating MetaRouter with DV360?

  • Efficient data management and activation through MetaRouter.
  • Enables Floodlight tag removal.

NOTE: This integration is in beta. Please reach out to your MetaRouter customer team for support.

Getting Started - From Your Campaign Manager 360** Account


The DV360 integration relies on our Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) integration with a minor parameter adjustment in the Global mapping. Ensure you have an active CM360 account that shares Floodlight activities with DV360 before proceeding with this integration.

If you've already set up a CM360 integration and completed the "Getting Started" steps outlined here, you can proceed without repeating this step. Simply use the same credentials and IDs.

Getting Started - From Your MetaRouter Account

Start by creating a new "Google Campaign Manager" integration. If you've previously integrated CM360, consider renaming it to reflect your DV360 connection, such as "Campaign Manager - DV360".

Proceed with the connection parameters and Google Gtag Sync as specified in the CM360 integration instructions available here.

Event Mappings

For DV360, event mappings align with CM360, but one crucial change is necessary to accommodate the DV360 identifier:

  1. Navigate to Global events.
  2. Expand the gclid parameter.
  3. Update the output key from gclid to dclid.
  4. Modify the expression line from return SPLIT(input.context.providers.googleGtag.data.gclid, ".", 3)[3] to return SPLIT(input.context.providers.googleGtag.data.dclid, ".", 3)[3].

Required Identifiers

The following identifier must be mapped to DV360 in order for successful user matching to occur. Without these IDs, any events sent to DV360 will be rejected. For your convenience, required and recommended IDs are mapped as Global parameters to ensure they are added to every event.

AttributeExampleSync Injector Required?

Additional Documentation

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