Amazon S3

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a data lake that is used to store unstructured data within a secure, performant and scalable environment.

What are the benefits of Amazon S3?

Use MetaRouter's S3 integration to store raw customer data events in an unstructured environment. MetaRouter can utilize event logs in S3 to replay data through the MetaRouter platform- effectively providing a backup of your customer data.

Amazon S3 Key Features

  • Private data stream that can never be co-mingled with anyone else's data
  • Playbooks that let you control how data is processed prior to reaching S3
  • Unstructured environment for customer data gives you ultimate flexibility
  • Addressable third-party IDs are provided within your data lake when paired with the Sync Injector

What do I need to integrate?

This information is coming soon. The integration is available, but we're working through updating the documentation.