What is Amplitude?

Amplitude is a product and behavioral analytics platform for web and mobile apps. Gain visibility into customer journeys, translate event data into user engagement insights, monitor key product metrics, and more.

What are the benefits of Amplitude?

Send Amplitude the highest-quality data possible with MetaRouter's server-side, first-party data streaming platform. Map and transform data for clean, structured data into Amplitude, and maintain a high degree of control over each parameter sent.

Amplitude Key Features

  • Single, standardized event stream for Amplitude and other destinations
  • First-party event stream that collects up to 30% more data
  • Parameter-by-parameter control over data sent to Amplitude
  • No Amplitude or other third-party tags required

What do I need to integrate?

This information is coming soon. The integration is available, but we're working through updating the documentation.

What Amplitude Identifiers are Required?

FieldAdditional InformationSync Connection

What is the Required Event Payload?

FieldAdditional Information
api_keyAmplitude project API key
device_idArray of events to upload

Where is Additional @@@ Documentation?