Analytics.js is the MetaRouter-recommended standardized event tracking format for website and mobile app events. The Analytics.js version MetaRouter uses is based on the Segment-style, open-sourced version of Analytics.js , and has been modified to meet the specific needs of the MetaRouter platform.

While Analytics.js is the recommended event tracking library for our users, MetaRouter can ingest and integrate other types of event streams as well. Please see the Non-Analytics.js page for more information.

Getting Started

Website Tracking

In order to get started with Analytics.js for web tracking, visit the AJS File Builder page. This will provide instructions for how to build, host and deploy your file so you can begin tracking events from your website.

Mobile Tracking

For mobile tracking, visit the following pages:

Tracking Methods

The Analytics.js library contains five key event types that can track most actions taken on your website:

  • Page: What website page is a user on?
  • Track: What actions is a user taking on a web page or app?
  • Identify: Who is the user?
  • Group: What organization or account does the user belong to?

In addition, these industry tracking specs offer the most straight-forward way to capture event data in specific industries. We recommend using these specs where possible, as they simplify the process of building integration playbooks.


MetaRouter Event Schema Workbook

We've built a spreadsheet that you can get started with here. Please fill out as best as you can and share with your MetaRouter Customer Success Manager. This will help us understand what events you will track, what properties will those events have (global as well as per event) and the types of values those properties will be.