Pinterest CAPI

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media app that lets users browse images and pin them to collection boards that can be shared with other users. Pinterest Ads enables the targeting of users who want to discover and search for information via images.

What are the benefits of Pinterest?

MetaRouter integrates a real-time customer data stream to Pinterest without the use of Pinterest Tags. Gain total visibility into all of your customer data sent to Pinterest with the MetaRouter UI, and gain a level of control and security that third-party tags can't afford.

Pinterest Key Features

  • Enables Pinterest Tag removal
  • Up to 30% more data- including conversions- tracked compared to the Pinterest Tag
  • All customer data events and attributes unlocked for custom event mapping and transformation
  • No effect on website load latency

What do I need to integrate?

From Pinterest

Allow MetaRouter Access to your Ad Account(s)

  1. In Business Access, navigate to Partners and select Add Partner
  2. In Partner ID, enter 1142577505371214964
  3. Select “Invite this partner to access your ad accounts and tools” radio button
  4. A success box should appear, select Assign Assets
  5. Toggle Analyst permission to on for each ad account and select Assign Permissions when finished

Connect back with MetaRouter

  1. Please notify the MetaRouter team via your dedicated team Slack channel once you have completed these steps
    • The partner connection will not appear until after MetaRouter accepts the invitation

What Pinterest Identifiers are Required?

FieldAdditional InformationSync Connection
client_user_agentRequired*not required
client_ip_addressRequired*not required
Epik IDRequiredrequired
hashed_maidsRequirednot required
emRequirednot required

*IP and User Agent must be sent together.

Note: At least one of the required parameters is required in order to successfully pass data via the Conversions API.

How do I configure MetaRouter's Sync Injector with Pinterest?

MetaRouter sync is not required with Pinterest.

What is the Required Event Payload?

FieldAdditional Information

Where is Additional Pinterest Documentation?