Salesforce CDP

What is Salesforce CDP?

Salesforce CDP is platform gives your business access to more intelligent, actionable and trusted data. Centralize customer data from various sources like websites and apps, CRM, marketing orchestration tools, and others into a single source of truth.

What are the benefits of Salesforce CDP?

MetaRouter's Customer Data Infrastructure platform supercharges Salesforce CDP with a reliable customer data stream that not only delivers page view and behavioral data, but also third-party identifiers as well. With MetaRouter, take action on data housed within Salesforce CDP with integrations that leverage third-party IDs we collect for maximum addressability and profile unification.

Salesforce CDP Key Features

  • Up to 30% more data into Salesforce compared to other third-party tags & streaming platforms
  • Server-side event stream that enables real-time customer journeys
  • First-party, parameter-by-parameter control over data sent to Salesforce CDP
  • No Salesforce or other third-party tags required

What do I need to integrate?

This information is coming soon. The integration is available, but we're working through updating the documentation.