Audit Logs


Audit logs allow you to view changes made within your MetaRouter organization within a single table. This view helps ensure that changes can be traced back to particular timeframes and users for accountability purposes.

Getting Started with Audit Logs

From your MetaRouter dashboard, on the the lefthand navigation bar, click the Audit Logs button (the bell icon). All roles will be able to view Audit Logs.

Once you are viewing the audit logs, you can view each action logged within the table. Each action record includes:

  • The email of the user who initiated the change
  • The “action” tracked
  • A description of each change, including information about the organization, pipeline or integration affected
  • Timestamp of the change

You may also use the date picker to select a specific timeframe that you’d like to view actions within. Actions are stored in the Audit Log for a maximum of the last 90 days.

Actions Tracked

The following list of actions taken within MetaRouter will be recorded within Audit Logs:

  • Log In
  • Log Out
  • Pipeline Created
  • Pipeline Updated
  • Pipeline Deleted
  • Integration Created
  • Integration Updated
  • Integration Deleted
  • Integration Added to Pipeline
  • Integration Removed from Pipeline
  • Pipeline Deployed
  • Pipeline Variable Updated
  • A.js File Built

Using Audit Log Search

You can search by user email, action, and description with the Audit Log search bar. To view an action, enter one of the Actions listed above. If any Actions of that type were recorded within the selected timeframe, the Audit Log will populate with only that Action type. The search is also case insensitive and will return results based on partial matches.