Analytics.js Semantic Event Specs


MetaRouter offers semantic event specifications for Analytics.js. These specs will help you get started with tracking key events in industries and verticals below. When possible, events should conform to the event templates available in these specs.

Event Specs and Starter Kits

Starter kits represent a subset of key events contained within a given spec that are included automatically when you create a MetaRouter integration. These events may be required by an integration to function, or they may be universally tracked by any organization in an industry, e.g. Product Purchased events in E-commerce.

Do I Have to Use Event Specs?

While use of specs are not required, we strongly recommend utilizing the conventions they specify for specific actions. They ensure that when you configure an event, then you will also include certain required fields for the vendors that you have configured integrations for.

For example, if you want to send an order_completed event to Facebook, Facebook may reject an event that does not also include value and currency fields. Additionally, our Starter Kits may automatically map the event name order_completed to Facebook's purchase event, so using the spec conventions will also ensure that fewer custom event transformations and mappings have to be created and maintained.

Available Event Specs