Monitoring Dashboard


The MetaRouter monitoring dashboard is a central location where you can find event-level metrics that give you insight into whether events are successfully being passed to your downstream vendors, or if they are being blocked due to errors or other filters. This information should be used to determine whether your data pipelines are healthy or whether they need attention.

Available Metrics

The top-level metrics show aggregated metrics based on the filters you have selected. Beneath the top-level metrics, Integration-level metrics are provided. By clicking on an Integration row, you can view event-level metrics for those events that MetaRouter has sent (or has attempted to send) to the selected vendor.

  • Events in the “Playbook Filter” column are those that met the criteria for a Filter applied within a playbook, and were subsequently dropped prior to reaching a vendor.
  • Events in the “Compliance Filter” column are those that did not reach a vendor due to the end user opting out of tracking for the vendor specified.
  • "Delivered" events have successfully reached the vendor.
  • "Not Delivered" events have not reached the vendor, either due to an error, compliance filter or integration-level even filter. NOTE- this does not include events that are dropped due to not being mapped to the integration.
  • "Delivery Rate" is the rate of successful event delivery.

Dashboard Filters

When viewing a dashboard, ensure you have the correct filters applied to your dashboard to view the appropriate metrics. On left side of the dashboard, the drop-down will select all pipelines by default. If you wish to filter the metrics to view a specific cluster(s) or pipeline(s), simply check the clusters and pipelines you'd like to view metrics for, and the dashboard will update automatically.

On the top the right of the dashboard, you will see timeframe filters. The dashboard displays metrics for the last hour by default, but you can select the last day, week or month. The time to the immediate left of the timeframe filters will indicate the exact  times that are included in the metrics counts.

Additional Considerations

Why don't my MetaRouter metrics perfectly align to my vendor dashboards?

Metrics provided by MetaRouter may differ slightly from what you see in vendor dashboards as our method for calculating event totals may be different than vendors'. In addition, there are other factors that may lead to minor discrepancies. We encourage users to gauge pipeline health with the % delivery rate. Generally, anything above 99.9% successful delivery is considered healthy as occasional failures can be expected.

Do you allow integration of other monitoring services (e.g. Data Dog)?

We do not support direct integration into any other metrics services. However, we can set up a Kafka integration, which the customer can use to send metrics data into a monitoring service of their choice. The customer will ultimately be responsible for building and maintaining their monitoring ecosystem in this scenario.