What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides a suite of tools designed to help businesses grow by improving their marketing, sales, customer service, and content management. Founded in 2006, HubSpot is known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, which include email marketing, social media management, lead generation, analytics, and automation. The platform emphasizes inbound marketing, a strategy focused on attracting customers through valuable content and interactions. HubSpot also offers a range of integrations with other software, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes.

What are the benefits of integrating MetaRouter with HubSpot?

  • Send customer data to HubSpot.
  • Up to 30% more data tracked compared to third-party tags, enhancing personalization data & opportunities.
  • All customer data events and attributes unlocked for custom event mapping and transformation.
  • No effect on website load latency.

Getting Started - From Your HubSpot Account

Create a Private App & Gather Access Token

To create a Private App and generate an access token, please follow the HubSpot instructions here.

Client ID

In HubSpot, you can find the client ID (also known as the Hub ID) in the following way:

  1. Log in to your HubSpot account.
  2. Navigate to the main dashboard.
  3. Look at the top right corner of the screen, where your account name and profile picture are displayed.
  4. Click on your profile picture or account name to open a dropdown menu.
  5. The client ID (Hub ID) is usually displayed directly under your account name in this dropdown menu.

Alternatively, the Hub ID can also be found in the URL when you are logged into your HubSpot account. It is a series of numbers that appears in the URL of your HubSpot dashboard, typically right after app.hubspot.com and before /contacts.

Getting Started - From Your MetaRouter Account

Adding a HubSpot integration.

From the integration library, add a HubSpot integration. Then, fill out the Connection Parameters:

Connection ParameterDescription
ACCESS_TOKENToken from creating a private app in HubSpot. See here..

Adding a HubSpot Tag Sync

To gather the hubspotutk value you must add a HubSpot Tag sync.

  1. From the Pipelines page, find the pipeline associated with the web property you’d like to add a sync to. Hover over the three dot dropdown and select “Build AJS File.”
  2. In the Identity Syncs section, select the HubSpot Tag sync.
  3. Fill out the following fields:
    1. Consent Type - We recommend that you consult with your legal team when determining your consent requirements.
    2. Client ID - Also known as the Hub ID. Please see instructions here.
    3. Cookie Lifetime (in days) - 30 days defaults
    4. Fire on Re-Sync - “On” default
  4. Scroll down and click the Save and Build File button.
  5. Deploy your AJS file to propagate changes to your web property.

Event Mappings

MetaRouter provides all of the event mappings that HubSpot integrations typically require. You may add custom events, parameters or mappings in accordance with HubSpot’s API documentation.


Global mappings will be applied to all events. If your parameter names do not match the Expected Inputs provided, you will need to overwrite the Inputs provided with your own.

Output KeyDescriptionExpected Input
String: ID of the object (contact record ID)messageId
occurredAtString: Timestamp when the event occurred (ISO 8601 or epoch)receivedAt
String: HubSpot User Tokencontext.providers.hubSpotTag.hubspotutk
String: Email associated with the contactN/A - Expression

*Either the utk or email associated with the event.

Event Specific


Output KeyDescriptionExpected Input
String: Internal name of the eventEnrichment - page_view_internal_name
properties.hs_page_content_typeString: Content type of the pageEnrichment - STANDARD_PAGE
properties.hs_page_titleString: Title of the pageproperties.title

Required & Recommended Identifiers

These identifiers must be mapped to HubSpot in order for successful user matching to occur. Without these IDs, any events sent to HubSpot will be rejected. For your convenience, required and recommended IDs are mapped as Global parameters to ensure they are added to every event.

AttributeExampleSync Injector Required?
[email protected]No

*Either the utk or email associated with the event.

Additional HubSpot Documentation

HubSpot Private Apps

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