Configuring Integrations


MetaRouter gives you a high degree of control over the specific events and event parameters that you send to your Integration vendors. Continue on to learn more about all the options available to you through the MetaRouter UI.

Config Types


Global Configs represent parameters that are configured for every event you send.

Common examples of Global Configs include credentials that are required to access a vendor, like an API key or secret. These need to be included with every single event you send- otherwise they won't be accepted by the vendor.


Event-Specific Configs only apply to an individual event and will not be applied outside of that event. You need to add your events in this section, along with any input parameters that you wish to manipulate, for every Integration you set up.

Common examples of Event-Specific Configs include but are not limited to: order values or quantities, form fill values like emails or phone numbers, and other properties that may only exist for a specific event.


Default Configs tell us how you would like to handle events and parameters that you have not explicitly outlined via Global Configs or Event-Specific Configs. Default Configs are a catch-all that can ensure that events and parameters reach a vendor, or that none of them reach a vendor if not explicitly mapped.

A common example of a Default Config would be a context field, for example context.device.type. You may want to apply a common transformation to keep the output value consistent for any event you send to an Integration.

Default Configs only apply where our platform recognizes a field that you have specified. In addition, Default Configs will always be overridden by Event Configs where a field has also been specified in the Event Configs section for a given Integration.

Key:Value Pairs

A core concept for how MetaRouter Integrations work is how we utilize key:value pairs. Keys simply represent what you are tracking with an event, while values can represent strings, floats, booleans, or other values which we discuss in the below Transform Types section.

You will start with a set of input keys and values, and through the available Transform Types, you can modify an incoming key:value pair to an output key:value pair that would be sent to your vendors.

Starter Kits

MetaRouter offers Starter Kits that will pre-populate your Integrations with events. This is helpful because some Integrations may require that you include certain outputs. Common spec lists include e-commerce, B2B, video, and mobile. Please reach out to MetaRouter for help on getting the most out of your Starter Kits, as well as for any transformations you may want to apply on top of the Starter Kits.

Transform Types

MetaRouter enables the following actions to transform events before they are sent your vendors: